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    I have tried many Personal Trainers and Andy is by far the best I have had. He is highly professional and very motivational. Using different exercises every week plus great nutritional help I have lost nearly 2 stone!! Not to mention the increased energy through the great Herbalife products he introduced me to. I can’t recommend him enough!!

    Paul Edwards

    Phil Allsopp

    I had been trying to lose weight for some time and became frustrated as I couldn’t shift anymore off. I had tried everything I knew. I came to see Andy and he changed a few things with my training methods and within 2 weeks I had lost 9lbs and within 4 weeks I had lost 1 stone!! All this within 8 hours, its amazing what you can do when you do the right things!! My nutrition was the biggest wake up call I needed, I feel so much better and confident about myself now! Andy introduced a new nutrition plan and I take the Herbalife shakes and bars and I’m feeling better than ever!! I couldn’t recommend him enough!! Thanks Andy!

    Phillip Allsopp

    Laura McGorie

    Andy was a very good trainer he helped me get down to the weight i wanted to and he always set me targets which helped me so much. He gave me a strict diet to stick to and im still sticking to it now and ive had loads of people compliment me on how much weight ive lost. He pushed me to the hardest ive ever trained before and i am able to push my self hard on my own now as well. I feel like ive toned up and lost weight at the same time. The key to loosing weight is to not drink, eat healthy and train everyday. Picture is of me on 28th January 2012.

    Laura McGorie

    So far Andy has been great. Very personable, and understands quickly what your body will/will not respond to. He’s shown me better methods for improving my fitness and helped improve my nutrition. He definately knows exactly what he’s talking about and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again!

    Gary Hembry

    January 2012April 2012

    If you are reading this then you are probably considering hiring Andy as your personal trainer. DO IT! I cannot sing his praises enough. He has helped to keep me motivated, helped make me enjoy working out and been someone I can rely on for advice regarding my health and fitness outside of the gym. He also makes me feel as comfortable and relaxed as is possible when you are pushing your body to work out! I was a bit apprehensive about hiring a male personal trainer but now I wouldn’t change him! I have lost just over a stone under Andy’s guidance. I must admit, it came off slowly at first but I stuck with it and I haven’t gained at all since I started. I think my body just took a while to come round to the idea of the hard work. Previously, I have lost 3 stone by changing my diet. When I came to Andy in January 2012 I had reached a plateau and had some baby weight left to lose. I had an existing problem with my knee and back pain as a result of giving birth four months earlier. I explained all of this to Andy in my consultation and he tailored my workout sessions to account for this. I can honestly say that I have not had any back pain since February and that my knee has improved significantly. I am stronger, much fitter and I feel great. It has been worth every penny I have spent to have Andy as my personal trainer and, as an added bonus, he is a really nice bloke and I look forward to seeing him each training session. Give him a call now!!!

    Samantha Ager

    August 2012

    I realised that I needed to get my body in order after looking at some photographs taken at the end of a holiday – I thought 45 & looks like I’ve never eaten properly; add to that I always felt lethargic, never had any energy I knew I really needed to do something otherwise by the time I reach 50 it’s going to be worse! So I started looking round for a personal trainer, I had the will & desire to build myself up, but I needed the motivation, techniques & knowledge to do so & Andy has masses. He creates exercise routines to suit whatever your goal is – if there’s something that you don’t get on with, he alters it to suit you. These are also regularly varied from a huge range of exercises so you don’t get bored or stuck in a routine & it keeps things interesting, every so often he’ll completely change something without telling me just to spice things up a bit – but only because he knows that’s what I like. You also don’t have to worry about equipment either because he brings this along too, so all you need is a little space, in my case I already had some gym equipment gathering dust and he was quite happy to make use of that too for which I’m grateful. The sessions themselves are actually fun & although can be very hard work we always manage to have a laugh too, which is something I never thought I’d say about exercise. He manages to push me harder than I could ever push myself so I could not have done this without him & I think the rewards are worth it tenfold. Since I’ve been using Andy I’ve found that I sleep better & less, have much more energy, my weight has increased where it should & overall my self confidence is much better. I’ve no hesitation on recommending him to anyone as Andy makes you feel at ease, has the manner to motivate you and most importantly is someone you feel you can trust. I’m still using him now & intend doing so for a lot longer because he is so good & worth every penny.

    Ian Makinson

    October 2012

    We found Andy quite by chance after being let down by another trainer but after finding Andy we’re really glad the other one let us down.

    Andy’s approach is relaxed and friendly but always professional with a wealth of knowledge that has been invaluable to us. He’s taught us so much and transformed our bodies in a really short space of time. 

    From the outset he asked what our objectives were and tailored our sessions to meet our goals, and he’s certainly met and exceeded what we were expecting from him, to the point where his exercise routines have become part of our normal lifestyle now. We now look forward to our workouts with Andy and people are commenting on how great we look as a result.

    We find Andy not only a great motivator but also a great educator, teaching us more and correcting and improving our techniques as required. He’s also a great source of information in nutrition too. And (at our request) he varies things to ensure we never get bored and is always willing to alter things if there’s something that we don’t like.

    Would we recommend Andy to others? Absolutely. 

    Chris Harris

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